Martijn Bier is the geek behind Digi.Geek.NZ Nice to e-meet you 👋 Now, let's make Digital & eCommerce easier

Marty the DigiGeek is a Digital Marketer in New Zealand

A geek... A traveller.... An eCommerce fanatic.... A Digital marketing & eCommerce geek that thrives well in fast-paced environments where successful digital projects can be created (almost) from scratch. Bridges the gap between marketing, sales, and technology.

A Digital Marketer who loves to help brands take the first steps in the modern world of online... Or help companies or brands that want to improve their online presence or eCommerce sales. Small & medium businesses in New Zealand or around the world will benefit from the free tips & advice on this website and blog. It's all making Digital Marketing & eCommerce easier for you.

Are you Craving for Creativity?

Spice up your Digital Marketing or eCommerce

Martijn's Digital Marketing Approach Packs a Punch

  • No-nonsense: let's get it done & let the results speak!
  • The road to success isn't about following the crowd.
  • Creative and alternative solutions that lead to success. Don't just do it because it is hip or trendy, only do it if it makes sense.
  • Remote or Hybrid Working is KEY as offices limit creativity.
  • Always looking for ways to make changes and taking it to the next level.

Ready To Find Out More?

There is always more to tell and more to show, especially with an experienced Digital Marketing & eCommerce Geek like Martijn, aka DigiGeek!

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Digital Marketing & eCommerce Expertise Line-Up

Just like a great gig, the full line-up takes a bit longer. It's a wide range of Digital Marketing & eCommerce Experience via jobs and freelance projects in Europe and New Zealand. Experience the power of Digital Marketing. Are you ready to rock?

Social Commerce (Ratings & Reviews)

Social commerce is all about building on the trust & influence of customers to promote products and services, improve the online shopping experience, and ultimately drive sales, with ratings and reviews serving as a key component that influence buying decisions. Trust and credibility, social proof, feedback loop, and user engagement are key.

Record called SIC by German band Broilers taken from the vinyl collection showing behind it. Ready play this record.

More than just a Passion for Digital

It's even easier to describe Martijn - Martin or Marty. Easier than the official business statement above. This Digital Marketing & eCommerce Geek is/has:

  • Dutch heart, Kiwi blood
  • No-nonsense, direct & pro-active
  • Metalhead, rock fan, sci-fi & retro gaming geek
  • Creating Digital Marketing & eCommerce solutions that rock! 🤘

A passion for Digital Marketing & eCommerce that is combined with other passions, when possible. Or to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Travel: exploring cities & hiking the countryside
  • Gaming: arcade & pinball
  • Local food & snacks
  • Music - live & vinyl
  • Craft beer

To name a few things that are also important and are sometimes combined with Digital Marketing & eCommerce to create even better results.

"Es muss nur immer Musik da sein" 🤘 There just always has to be music!
- 33 RPM by Broilers

Amazing brands I work for or have worked for
global experience in Digital Marketing & eCommerce

Work experience via jobs & freelance projects focussed on markets in Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. A true international Digital Marketing & eCommerce Geek who is used to working in ever-changing environments with a local & international customer base.

Raised in Europe, based in New Zealand.

No matter how big or how small a company is. Digital Marketing & eCommerce can add value to any company.

Digital Marketing & eCommerce Toolkit

Extensive knowledge of and experience in using the following tools...
And remember, expert in bridging the gap between back-end aka developers and front-end aka sales & customers!


How to use and implement Rental Car Manager vehicle booking system: web-based or via API. Taking vehicle hire to the next level.


Booking software like Zaui and Rezdy. Knowledge of how to strategically use it, implement it and get more out of it.


Extensive experience with alternative analytics tools like Matomo and Plausible but of course also the more mainstream ones like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.
Marty Digi Geek


Setting up, managing and tweaking website via CMS like WordPress, SilverStripe and custom ones.


Setting up & creating campaigns via advanced systems like Brevo (formerly SendInBlue), Mailchimp and Hubspot.


Extensive experience in affiliate marketing, both on the side of advertiser as well as on the publisher's side. Knowledge of the majority of affiliate networks and setting up custom networks via tools like Scaleo.

A Short Overview of my Digital Marketing Toolkit. Oof course, there is heaps more to see or talk about

Involved in these Digital Marketing Projects
Involved in these Digital Marketing Projects always craving creativity
always craving creativity

Craving Creativity is the name for all my Digital Marketing & eCommerce side projects & freelance assignments.

Connect with or Contact DIGI.GEEK

There are lots of options when it comes to people with Digital Marketing & eCommerce experience. But there is only one Digi.Geek.NZ. Get in touch with this multi-tasking, pro-active Digital Marketing & eCommerce Geek, who is New Zealand-based but has heaps of experience overseas.

Experienced in getting a lot done with a little - perfect for small businesses or solo enterpreneurs

Blog packed with free tips & tricks where you can comment or post questions.

Always up to discuss challenges or proposals over a cup of coffee or pint of craft beer.

creative fun
but always serious about getting things done


Why let your competitor get ahead of you in the world of online. Take control of your online presence. You can do it... With the help of the tips & tricks posted on my blog.

Martijn Bier: Digital Marketing & eCommerce Geek in New Zealand

Digital Marketing professional Martijn Bier is the geek behind Digi.Geek.NZ. Since 1999, I have worked in marketing roles and have morphed from traditional marketing manager to digital marketing manager and eCommerce Geek. Born in The Netherlands but based in New Zealand since 2006. See my portfolio on LinkedIn for more details.

Craving Creativity and Digi.Geek are project names that I used for a range of online marketing and eCommerce projects.

Creativity is getting away from standard Digital Marketing & eCommerce paths

Are you craving creativity has always been one of my favourite questions to ask. Therefore all my Digital Marketing & eCommerce projects are done under the Craving Creativity brand name. But what is creativity?

For me, it is getting results by getting away from the many standard solutions & methodologies out there. Especially in Australia and New Zealand, countries that do have a nice thriving digital mentality and start-up eco-system, there are still too many marketers and agencies that follow standard practices and tools without asking whether there might be a better solution around.

My worldwide Digital Marketing & eCommerce experience combined with an infinite curiosity means that I have my eyes on other markets and see what is happening there. Start-ups and new tools are created everywhere, not just in our backyard.

Analytics – The Power of Data

Knowledge is power. Data is power. However, why select the first free data analytics tool that comes to mind? Too many brands, especially small & medium, don’t realise that they make their lives so complicated by getting a dashboard that delivers too much info. The info they’re never going to look at or use. And they don’t realise that nothing is free in life. You’re always paying for it, sometimes in dollars and other times by handing over your (customers’) data to Big Tech.

Think before you start asking for random data. Test before you start implementing random (free) tools. There’s often a better and easier-to-use – and more secure – solution out there for you.

Having It Also Means Protecting It

When you have data in your systems you’ll also have the burden to take care of it. To keep it clean and accurate so when it is used, it is accurate and up to date. Too many companies start with a simple mailing list or database that gets polluted as it gets exported and imported in other systems and tools, without making sure there is a way to keep it all up to date. Incorrect data might be even worse than not having any data at all.

Are you aware that the data you consider to be your data is actually your customers’ data? You are simply borrowing it and using it to make your customers’ lives better or make things easier for them. Do you know how to deal with a request to forget from customers? Or do you know where you store your customers’ data? In New Zealand? Are you sure? Many cloud solutions or third-party systems have servers on other continents.

Social Media is Expanding Faster than Ever Before

The first rule of social media for brands and companies is that you don’t have to be active on every social media platform, only the ones that are relevant to your customers. The second rule of social media is that if you do decide to be active on a specific social media platform it MUST be AUTHENTIC and relevant. You’re not that to just post your brand name or products. You’re there to engage with customers.

Even if you know which social media platform is relevant or important for your customers, that can always change. Some social media systems seem to be around forever and don’t seem to be losing popularity, but it is always possible.

The rebranding from Twitter to X and all the changes there have shown that it is possible to upset your fans. New social media platforms are always lurking to steal attention from the Big Tech social media systems. Some are successful while others might be around for a short amount of time.

Make sure you ride the correct social media wave and aren’t stuck on a platform that not many of your customers use anymore. Oh and make sure to target the innovators among your customers as well. They have a keen eye for changes and are often on new systems before the majority of your customer base ends up there.

Keep an eye on all the changes in the world of Digital Marketing and eCommerce. Change is good.

Trust in Digital Marketing & eCommerce

There is no one solution or one answer to a Digital Marketing or eCommerce challenge or issue. The only solution that matters for your brand or your organisation is the one that delivers the best result for YOU.

There’s no point in discussing who is right or what tool or system is better. Use what is there, tweak it and build upon it, add & improve, then let the results speak for themselves.

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