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Digi.Geek believes that Digital Marketing & eCommerce don't have to be complicated. You don't need expensive agencies or know-it-alls that spit out 10 buzzwords a minute. You do the part you want to do. The Digi.Geek.NZ blog is packed with valuable yet free tips, tricks and tools to help you to improve your Digital Marketing & eCommerce.

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Digi.Geek.NZ and its blog have been created to make it easier for anyone that is interested in Digital Marketing & eCommerce. It will provide you with tips and tools to get started and to learn more. That way you can get started on the road to success in the digital world we live in.

The blog will provide you with the tips & tools to improve the Digital Marketing & eCommerce of your business, project or shop. Created by the Dutch Kiwi behind Digi.Geek.NZ (and some fellow geeks) to help you out. A free service.

Latest posts about Digital Marketing & eCommerce

The blog is packed with tips, tweaks and tools to help you to improve your digital marketing, online strategy or eCommerce shop. It's up-to-date and crucial information that any business can use, no matter how small or how big. And just like the universe, it is an ever-expanding entity. New articles will be added regularly. Also, you can request specific topics to be covered in future articles.

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Hi I am Martijn (Marty) aka Digi.Geek.NZ

A travel addict and remote working geek, based in New Zealand.
Dutch heart, Kiwi blood is how I like to describe myself.

As a digital marketer and eCommerce manager with years of experience with a variety of companies in Europe and New Zealand, combined with running my own online projects, I decided to create Digi.Geek.NZ to be able to help out small & medium businesses.

Digi.Geek.NZ will be packed with articles and tips to help you to take your online business or blog to the next level. It'll make digital marketing and eCommerce easier for you.

Creative brain behind Digi Geek NZ

It is all about the journey, not the destination

Digital Marketing & eCommerce are ongoing projects or tasks. Customers are expecting businesses to keep up with modern times. It doesn't matter whether you are a small company or a huge corporation, customers have different expectations. And so does the market in general. No one wants their competitor to get ahead of the game.

Selling online, social media, respecting the privacy of customers, reaching more customers, being there for customers are just a few key items. See how much fun it can be to do more yourself in the world of Digital Marketing & eCommerce. The Digi.Geek.NZ blog is here to help you. The sooner your start, the sooner you will create results for your business.

Digital Marketing & eCommerce in New Zealand

A lot of businesses (small and medium) and solo entrepreneurs are aware that Digital Marketing & eCommerce are part of life. Customers have different expectations nowadays. It's no longer about being able to shop between 9am and 5pm or having a brick & mortar store that potential customers can visit.

Customers prefer to shop whenever it suits them. When they have a need they want to fulfil. For a lot of small businesses, it feels like they have to sacrifice spare time in order to meet the demands of the modern consumer. That definitely isn't the case. It isn't about working harder, it's about working smarter. Digital Marketing & eCommerce are tools that can help with this. Tools to make life easier and to increase your sales or brand recognition.

How to sell products online

Having an online shop isn't cannibalisation of the traditional brick and mortar store. In fact, it is an extension of the traditional shop. A brick & mortar store is always limited by its size. There is only a certain amount of products you can cram onto an X amount of floor space. Plus, putting products in your brick & mortar store means you have to purchase the products and thus tie up money in inventory.

An online shop or eCommerce store doesn't have these limitations. You can add as many products as you like. Products that you don't even have to have in stock. As long as you manage your customer's expectations about delivery times.

Therefore, an online shop is an extension of the traditional shop.

"I don't have this product right now in store, but I do have it available online, dear customer. If you purchase it now, I can ship it to you for free. Then you'll have it in 1 to 3 days".

Isn't that a more pleasant conversation to have with a customer, instead of having to say: "no I don't have that in store". So much better and more positive for the customer and for you, the shopkeeper. And most importantly, increased turnover as you just sold something that you normally couldn't sell by just having a traditional brick & mortar store.

How to take eCommerce to the next level

Even if you have taken the first steps on the path to eCommerce, there are lots of things you can do to improve sales. Are customers able to find you when using a search engine? Keep in mind, that not everyone is using Google. Or do you solely rely on expensive advertising?

If your store is attracting e decent amount of visitors, is the percentage that makes a purchase (convert into customers) the right amount? Do you know the conversion rate of your online shop? The easiest tweaks to make are changes that lead to an increased conversion rate. That's easy money that a lot of online shops forget about.

And there is more, so much more you can do to improve your online sales. It often takes a few simple tweaks to see a big change in sales figures. There is never one thing that needs to be done, it if often a collection of relatively small things. Small things that a lot of online shop owners forget about or don't see it.

Check out my blog and see how you can improve your eCommerce or online shop. Or learn about changes in your Digital Marketing strategy to increase your stats. Can't find what you are looking for? Or have a question that isn't being answered on the blog yet? Feel free to request a particular topic or issue to be covered. Happy to help.

Free tips & information to help small & medium businesses in New Zealand

There are a lot of things online shop owners or entrepreneurs can do themselves to increase online sales or to take their Digital Marketing to the next level. And this website and its blog are the tools that will help you to get things done. Heaps of valuable yet free information to help fellow entrepreneurs.

You don't always have to hire an expert in Digital Marketing or eCommerce to get things done. But if the workload gets too much (focus on what you are good at) or when you feel it is time for professional help or an external set of eyes and brain to take things to the next level, we can help with that as well.

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