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Search Engine Optimisation aka SEO is the art of ranking your website better. There are no shortcuts or secrets to magically rank in the top spots of Google, Bing or any other search engine.

There’s just time & energy you need to put in to create great content. Relevent content is king. You can so lots of aspects of SEO yourself. Just like any part of running an online business. Start doing things yourself and see later if external help is needed. Master the art of SEO by using the tips listed below.

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Content writing tips for beginners: How to create more & better content for your website the easy way

By Digi.Geek Marty / 0 Comments

Writing content for a website is like any art form, you can teach yourself the tricks to get better. Practice makes perfect, whether it is brewing craft beer, making music or creating content for your website. Tune your instruments, let the creative juices flow and use these content writing tips to get started and to […]

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Ranking your website in search engines - photo: Firmbee (Unsplash)

How to fix the issue of your website not showing up on Google with this beginner’s guide to ranking

By Digi.Geek Marty / 0 Comments

“Help! My website doesn’t show up on Google”, is something a lot of first-timers in the world of Online Marketing & eCommerce say once their website is live. Sometimes it is due to a small error in the set-up but often it is a combination of several small issues. Here are the most common issues […]

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