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This is where your exploration in the world of Digital Marketing & eCommerce begins. The blog is packed with tips, useful information and geeky hacks that will help you to work on your online strategy for your website, brand or online shop.

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New blog posts & articles will be posted regularly. The Digi.Geek.NZ blog is expanding slowly: a Digital Marketing & eCommerce Universe with heaps of tips & advice sparkling like bright stars.

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Content writing tips for beginners: How to create more & better content for your website the easy way

Writing content for a website is like any art form, you can teach yourself the tricks to get better. Practice...
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The quick & easy way to get your side hustle online. How to do it yourself and how do it well!

Once you’ve got the basics of your new side hustle it is time to start thinking about how to attract...
Ranking your website in search engines - photo: Firmbee (Unsplash)

How to fix the issue of your website not showing up on Google with this beginner’s guide to ranking

"Help! My website doesn’t show up on Google", is something a lot of first-timers in the world of Online Marketing...
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7 Magic tips that will make your first steps in the world of WordPress as easy as possible

Setting up a WordPress website and creating your online shop or blog isn’t difficult at all. It’s no mystery and...
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Take your blog and social media to the next level without spending more time on your side-hustle

Almost every blogger will agree: writing new content to inspire your fans is so much fun and rewarding. But the...
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Can you fake it till you make it on social media? Here’s what happens when you buy followers!

As soon as you create social media accounts for you business you’ll notice that it takes time to turn your...

Digi.Geek.NZ will make Digital Marketing & eCommerce easier for you

New Zealand, this is your chance to take your website, blog or brand to the next level in this modern digital world. You don't need to spend lots of money to get ahead in the digital world. There are so many things you can do yourself. This blog will become your starting point for anything that has to do with Digital Marketing or eCommerce. No marketing fluff or sales pitches, just articles in plain English so you can stand out from your competition online.


Getting people to your website or online shop isn't just about taking your credit card out and starting random advertising campaigns on Google or Facebook. If you decide to run an advertising campaign, make sure to run a smart campaign. What makes a campaign smart? The fact that you get results without paying enormous costs per conversion. The main question is: how much are you willing to spend per sale?

Also, having a good mix between organic traffic and paid traffic is key as well. You never want to put all your eggs in one basket. Therefore the Digi.Geek.NZ will feature articles about getting more relevant traffic to your website. The keyword is "relevant" aka traffic that you are able to convert to customers.


Facts and numbers speak the truth... That is if you interpret them correctly. Knowing what is happening on your website or blog is important. But what kind of conclusions can be drawn from these stats? We'll cover this topic on the Digi.Geek.NZ blog as well.

Online shop

It is almost impossible to not have an online shop. Customers expect it and your life will be so much easier. Setting up an online shop is easier than you might think. Several blog posts on the Digi.Geek.NZ blog will guide you in this process. Soon you will be selling online like a pro.


Privacy and caring for your own (or someone else's) data is super important in this day and age. It isn't just something that only matters when you operate in the European market or in some states in the USA. More and more people (also in New Zealand), are aware that their data can be misused so they don't want to share it all when purchasing a simple item online.

How do you deal with your customer's data? Are you still collecting too much data? Data that you don't even use? Are you still emailing people that you shouldn't be emailing? Do you know where you are storing your customer's data and how to remove (or anonymise) it when your customer asks you to do it?

You'll find the answers and heaps of tips about privacy and protecting data on the Digi.Geek.NZ blog.

Social media

Should you have an account on social media platform XYZ? And how do you manage all these social media accounts? Just a few of the questions that will be answered on the Digi.Geek.NZ blog.


There are so many tools out there that can make your digital marketing & eCommerce life easier, but which one is necessary to have and which one is just a nice-to-have? Another topic that will be covered by the Digi.Geek.NZ blog.


Your website is part of your business. It doesn't matter how you use it. Even if you don't sell goods online and just use it as an online brochure or lead generation tool, quality does matter. Make sure that your website looks good, is easy to use and keeps bad guys out. There are so many things that can go wrong when creating your website.

Do it right or don't do it yourself. And that's where the Digi.Geek.NZ blog comes in. These articles will give you all the tips you need to set up and manage your website the easy way.

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