Our Privacy & Cookie Policies

We respect your privacy. Really. That isn't just some words put on a page to make us look good. We are privacy and data protection fanatics. Therefore we stay away from Big Tech as much as possible and don't use any of their tracking methods. See the highlights below or check out our detailed privacy & data protecting policies underneath.

Minimal number of cookies

Mostly functional cookies to keep the website and its features up & running.

Affiliate links

We do use affiliate links when recommending products or services that we use or have used ourselves. This earns us a small commission when you make a purchase via these links so we can cover the costs of running this website. There's no cost to you, we stay 100% independent and our info stays free.

NO profiling, NO Big Tech

NO cookies or other 'identifiers' connecting to 'ad tech & surveillance capitalism' thanks to our simple statistics.

NO ads, NO profile tracking

You won't find ads on our Digital Marketing & eCommerce blog. No flashy banners or annoying pop-ups distracting you from the content. Big Tech won't track you here.

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