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    Almost every blogger will agree: writing new content to inspire your fans is so much fun and rewarding. But the whole planning side of running a blog can be a bit boring. Managing your content calendar, scheduling old posts, interacting with fans, looking for new content etc. can be daunting. Luckily there are tools to take care of it all and to bring back the fun of blogging. Here's how I did it…

    Whether you're running your own personal blog or you're managing a corporate blog there are always some tasks that you love to forget about. Updating old blog posts is one of those tasks. So many bloggers are so focused on creating new and fresh content that they forget about the power of old blog posts. For them, it's all water under the bridge as these blog posts were published months or even years ago. It's time to change that.

    Maximising your old content by updating it

    Yes, it is true, your fans and search engines do love new content but that doesn't mean that you have to create every new blog post from scratch. There is still lots of value in articles that were posted a while ago. Well, that is assuming you don't run a news site. Every blog that published content that isn't tied to a particular date can be updated, re-used or re-purposed.

    Go through your oldest blog post to see how you can update these articles. Update them by adding extra content, a new point of view or changing specs of facts as things have improved or changed since you published that post. By adding extra info or new facts, you can then republish the article with a fresh ‘published on' date. If you just made minor changes, then keep the ‘published on' and make sure your blog shows the ‘updated on' date on the front-end.

    Maximising the effect of old content by resharing it

    Even if you don't have articles that can be updated, you can still do more with these “old” blog posts. Your social media fan base has grown since you published that article, so there are heaps of fans that have never read these old posts. By re-sharing your classic content via your social media channels, you will offer your fans content they might have never seen before.

    However, even if you as a blogger realise that you're sitting on a gold mine with all the posts you've published in the past, it can be difficult to manage a schedule of how and when to re-share or re-post this content. Which classic blog post was your best one? When did you share these articles? And when did you reshare them?

    Social media scheduling tool to the rescue

    Some bloggers use a spreadsheet (or calendar template in Excel), a brainstorm list in Evernote or create a calendar in Google. It's good to see that many realise the importance of a content calendar, it's just boring and difficult to create one that you and your blog team members can work with.

    All your info is saved in several files or systems. I had the same issues with my blogs and projects… Brainstorm info, future blog post notes, a list of old blog posts to update or re-share in several files, ranging from spreadsheets to planned posts on the social media platforms themselves.

    Then I came across SmarterQueue, a tool that describes itself as “the smartest all-in-one social media management tool for savvy marketers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses.”. After trying it for free for 30 days I have to admit that that's exactly what they do for you.

    Why SmarterQueue is THE tool that will make your blogging life easier

    Keeping everything organised in an easy to use social media tool is always a good idea. It will give you more clarity and will take away the stress of working in an (organised) chaotic environment. It will definitely save you more time. Time that you can use to create new articles for your blog. Time to do more of the fun things of your side-hustle.

    So here are the advantages of using a powerful social media scheduling tool:

    • Analyse the performance of your social media posts when you shared your blog articles. You'll be able to see an overview of likes, shares, impressions, comments, clicks etc for each of your social media posts.
    • Re-share old posts. Find a successful post from the past, re-share that content so your new fans will see the post as well. Or find underperforming posts, update them, and re-publish and re-share them. Or create a super-powerful re-queue schedule based on lots of classic posts. And you can change the text and images of each post that you re-share so it will always look brand-new to your fans. Your social media accounts will never look boring or repetitive.
    • Create a posting plan for all your social media accounts. You're able to create a detailed plan when you'll be posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts. Simply drag & drop a posting slot to day 1 at time XYZ and do the same for the rest of the week. Prefer to only post on Twitter on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the evening? Click, drag & drop and you're done. It is that easy. Each time slot can be categorised based on a blog topic, type of post (blog share, funny or jokes, asking a question etc) or however you want to categorise your social media posts.
    • Recycling your articles. When you share a brand new article on your social media accounts you can already set the recycling schedule aka how often the social media posts should be repeated (once, in X amount of time etc). And you can change the text and images as well, so your recycled posts will always look brand new.
    • Content curation to find great content you can share on your social media accounts. If you like to share articles from fellow bloggers or from industry-related online magazines or newspapers, you can use the content curation tool to import these articles. It'll find articles or posts based on your search criteria and will import them to your dashboard. You simply decide what you want to share and how.
    Master your content with social media tool
    Master your content with a great social media management tool

    Scheduling social media without losing flexibility

    From the moment you have all your social media accounts and blog articles in one easy to use scheduling tool, you will feel more relaxed. Now you know exactly what will be posted in the next X amount of days. You can then schedule all your social media posts weeks in advance when you have the time to do it all in one go. No need to suddenly realise you haven't posted on platform XYZ in a while. Now you are in control of your social media accounts.

    It will give you peace of mind. It will even inspire you to write more blog posts. You'll have more time to spend on finding topics to blog about. And if your plans change, the calendar can be changed as well. Simply change the day of a social message, blog post to a new date and it's taken care of.

    For me, it really was an eye-opener. The SmarterQueue tool has everything you ever wanted from a blogging tool. It's perfect for small blogs but also for big corporate blogs with freelance writers and staff working on it. Try SmarterQueue for free for 30 days and see for yourself. By testing this social media tool for a month, you will have plenty of time to set up your social media posting plan and to test all features of this amazing tool

    And I can't stress it enough: ever since I started using SmarterQueue on the paid plan, I'm in love with this tool. It really saves me so much time. Time that I can now use on creating more awesome blog posts.

    Smarterqueue scheduling posts
    Flexible social media scheduling with SmarterQueue

    It all revolves around INTERACTION

    Just one last piece of advice for you… Please don't forget that even though you can schedule things like sharing your blog posts, re-sharing of old posts, and random social messages, you still need to add your personal touch to make your social media accounts really social and personal. But because all the planning and boring stuff is taken care of by SmarterQueue you can use that extra time to engage on a personal basis with your fans on social media: You Must Engage to Get Engagement.

    Digi.Geek Marty

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